Mendelssohn Concerto performance with Hamburger Philharmoniker and Gustavo Gimeno
Gimeno’s headstrong partner was the fabulous virtuoso Augustin Hadelich. Thankfully, both were in agreement that even Mendelssohn’s familiar violin concerto can be given a fresh interpretation. Hadelich’s sleeves-up approach and delight in detail exactly suited Gimeno’s voyage of discovery. It was every bit as much a triumph as the closing ‘Scheherazade’ by Rimsky-Korsakov, out of which Gimeno conjured a pithy, fantastical tale.


CD review of Mendelssohn and Bartók concertos with Miguel Harth-Bedoya and the Norwegian Radio Orchestra (2015)
Augustin Hadelich is one of the most sought-after violin virtuosi, especially in the USA. Over here, he's still something of an insider tip. On his new CD, he presents consummate Bartok. [...] The Mendelssohn concerto should always be played as confidently and briskly as Hadelich. It's only when the high passages are secure and everything flows naturally that the listener experiences fiddle happiness. The precise and hearty playing of the Norwegian Radio Orchestra under the direction of Peruvian Miguel Harth-Bedoya sympathises audibly with Hadelich's well-trimmed approach. SPIEGEL ONLINE, July 2015


Nominated for 2021 Grammy!

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